Running x Sobriety


Text and texture from the path.

Running lets us fully experience the present moment, yet also connect with something ancient and ethereal. It’s easy, it’s difficult. We’re fragile, we’re strong. In these contrasts – this groundlessness – we find unexpected strength. We loosen our grip, become more patient, work with discomfort… The same building blocks, it turns out, of alcohol-free living. Last Chance Running explores the intersections of running and sobriety, and how we might tap this powerful combo for a life of self-reliance, calm, creativity, and deep presence. Thanks for being here. | More About This Project

Recent Articles

A Simple Formula for Difficult Things

Consistency. Stress. Rest. Combined in the right order, with intention and direction, these three unfussy words coalesce into The Formula, the closest thing I’ve found to a universal maxim for sustainable success in sobriety, running, and all the other grueling, glorious things you’ll undertake in life.

From the Journal

Back to Boston: Training Hopefulness

It's a mistake to cling to rigid training modalities and success metrics. Rigid systems break. When things get difficult, we're wise to pause and remember that we always have options. Deploying thoughtful and intentional choices gives us agency… and agency is the bedrock of hope.

Back to Boston

It's not quite right to call our return to Boston a “re-do.” That would imply a desire to erase or replace the tragic events of 2013. We never wanted to forget. Much like other aspects of recovery, Boston 2023 was about making peace with the past and fully experiencing the present.

“Get me out of here.” My 2013 Boston Marathon

This is the first time I’ve tried to put my 2013 Boston Marathon experience into words. Hell, it might be the first time I’ve challenged myself to really think about it. Mine bears no comparison to the stories of the thousands whose lives were broken on April 15.

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