Curiosity over authority.

The dominant paradigm tells us to take a stand, pick a side, be an expert. “The Internet’s no place for softies, son. If you want the clicks you’re gonna have to cull controversy.” And I guess I do want the clicks, but I’d like to come by them from a place of humility. So, what you’ll find in these pages is less declaration, more exploration. Things I’m learning about myself. Questions. Seinfeld-esque observations (“Did you ever notice…”). We’ll go deep on some topics, stay near the surface on others, hopefully inspiring you to your own brand of curiosity. That’s how we do this growth thing… Not by knowing, but by noticing.

Give Yourself the (Re)Boot

Healthy humans are constantly evolving. Taking a planned break from habits is a great way to clear the slate, refresh perspectives, and reorient your compass to the person you're becoming. Here's how (and why, and when) to do an old-fashioned system restart.

A Simple Formula for Difficult Things

Consistency. Stress. Rest. Combined in the right order, with intention and direction, these three unfussy words coalesce into The Formula, the closest thing I’ve found to a universal maxim for sustainable success in sobriety, running, and all the other grueling, glorious things you’ll undertake in life.

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